Ambivalent Vision
Released 1.1.4
Songs 5
Cost 500 Memories
Type Side Story
In the world reflected in her eyes...

The past lies foggy and shrouded in a world of ambivalent memories... Join Lethe to experience her conflicting view of the past and future world.
Improve your Arcaea skills in this pack, balanced for both new and experienced players.

Ambivalent Vision is a song pack containing 5 songs released in version 1.1.4. It requires 500 Memories to unlock, and comes with Lethe.

On Present difficulty, the final song, Lethaeus, requires you to beat Genesis before unlocking. On Future difficulty, Genesis first requires you to beat the first three songs to unlock; and then you need to clear Genesis with at least an A rank to unlock Lethaeus.

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Blossoms T2Kazuya 1 4 7 2:25 138
Romance Wars U-ske (feat. lueur) 1 4 7 2:06 187
Moonheart 翡乃イスカ (Isuka Hino) 2 5 8 2:13 180
Genesis Iris 2 5 8 2:14 132
Lethaeus Silentroom 3 6 9 2:27 155


  • Ambivalent Vision's internal name is "mirai," which means "future" in Japanese.
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