• In all difficulties, there's part where the tempo decreases in the middle, but the notes keep going. Try not to get a chain of FARs.


  • A particularly hard chart even compared to the other level 9+ songs. Even if you can complete its prerequisite with ease, you'll still have trouble with this.
  • The main traits of this song are the floor and sky notes that come at you all over the place during arc note presses. The arc notes are easy to catch, so try to pay more attention to which lanes the floor notes are coming in on.
In-Depth Strategy (FTR)


  • Easy if you have the timing down; all note pairs are right then left.

First section

  • In the first part here, it's a matter of untangling your fingers. The strategy you use will differ depending on what style of play you use. As always with these sections, using only two fingers means you'll be moving them very fast across the screen.
  • The second part is all about arc note precision and crossover ability. For the purple arc in the middle, you can potentially get away with using the left hand for it so your right hand doesn't need to crossover.


  • During the first part with the sky notes, use one hand for all the sky notes, even when they drift over to the other side. This way you'll be able to alternate hands through the whole thing.
  • The second part with the diamond arc notes is a matter of getting used to the arc notes' speed and positioning. Its corners do hit the beats, as always.
  • During the third part with the 5-beat groups, they alternate, but they don't all start with the same finger. The first part starts left-right-right-left, while the second part is the opposite. Be careful on the timing here as well because the rhythm is tricky. The same rules apply to the walk-up sky notes with the added difficulty of having to hit sky note hitboxes.
  • Remember to hold onto the second pair of arc notes at the end of the transition.

Second section

  • The first part is tricky. You'll have to alternate hands for sky notes, sort of like the final floor-sky section in Modelista. For the strings of double floor+sky notes, try having one hand stay floor and one stay sky.
  • The second part is more crossover testing. It's very easy to turn the arc notes here red if you're not precise enough.
  • The single-lane streams of 4 can be gotten with one finger or two, it just depends on what you're comfortable with.
  • The last part of the section is the same as the beginning of the previous transition: one hand for sky and one for floor.


  • The second transition has a slow part intended to give you a break, but the second half of it is tricky. If you only use two fingers, this will come down to muscle memory and practice in the end.

Third section

  • This entire section is mostly arc note precision, but with more difficult crossing arc notes. Check a video if you're having trouble with timing when they begin, which tends to be the issue with not keeping your combo.


  • Same as the beginning; right then left

Official SoundEdit

Preview version

Videos Edit

Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10,001,094 (max) Finger taps
YouTube Nyan4510 10,001,068 Finger taps
YouTube suicide 10,001,067 None
YouTube Ritxman 10,001,044 Fingernail taps



It had been a while, and so she'd grown confident.

In the time since she began she'd explored much of this glass and mirror world, and she'd gathered countless shards. Like an unending scarf they formed around her neck and trailed long behind her. Now, she stood atop a fallen tower and looked out ahead with a smile. The terrible memories of other places twisted behind her menacingly.

She was gazing at a place that had always caught her eye, but she'd refrained from ever going toward it. It was some sort of distant labyrinth turning into the sky with insane geometry. Of course, it was more glass. Of course, she could feel its filth pulsing all the way out here.

Although she still had no idea how to go about it, she intended to be rid of the terrible fragments that followed her eventually. To that end she was gathering them. She at least took comfort in having the bad all in one place. That would make clearing it away one day all the more easier. This labyrinth was particularly bad, and she felt confident in gathering its fragments too.

The maze was surrounding by a glittering and ever-shifting sea of good memories. As she made her way toward the maze, the sea parted, only a few shards coming to join the trail behind her. However, while walking the path and scattering the good shards she suddenly hesitated. Now flanked by hope, with despair before her, she chewed on her lip...and her heart wavered.



これまで、このガラスと鏡の世界を彷徨いながら、数えきれない程の破片を集めてきた。 まるで無限に続くスカーフのように、集まった破片が彼女の首を取り巻き、後ろへ長く続いていた。 今、彼女は崩れた塔の上に立ち、笑顔で前方を見ている。何処かのあの恐ろしい記憶たちは、 彼女を脅すように背後でねじれを生んでいた。

いつも目が引き付けられる場所を、彼女は見つめていた。これまで、そこへ向かうのを控えていたのだ。 そこは狂気的な幾何学模様を描き、空へと変わりゆく遥か遠い迷宮のようなものだった。当然、それは沢山のガラスだった。 当然、その穢れの脈動は、ここからでも感じ取ることができた。

どうしたらいいのか未だ解らなかったが、彼女はいずれ、 後に続く恐ろしい破片達を排除するつもりでいた。そのために、破片を集めてきたのだ。 少なくとも、悪を一か所に集めることで彼女は安心できた。 こうしておけば、然るべき時に楽に終わらせることができるだろう。 この迷宮は特に酷いものだったが、同時に彼女にはその破片を集めるだけの自信があった。

迷路は、キラキラと輝き変化し続ける、良き思い出の欠片の海に囲まれていた。 彼女が迷路へ向かって進むと、海は分かれ、僅か一部の破片だけが彼女の後ろに加わった。 そのまま良き思い出の欠片を散らし歩いていたが、突然彼女は躊躇した。 希望に囲まれ、目の前の絶望に彼女は唇を噛んだ…心が揺り動かされた。


Once upon a time, surely, things had to have been better.

The girl remembered nothing. and since awaking in the world of glass she'd only ever known other memories. Because of this, she'd drawn many conclusions and had few second thoughts. She'd been assured of the idea that nothing in the glass and nothing in this world held any worth. Filth and awfulness, tears and pain, a small smile, and death.

But once upon a time, things had to have been better. Simple rules are often true: shadows are begotten from light. Shadow lurked at her back, and now she was surrounded by light.

When she'd stepped into these waves of joy and purity, she hadn't given it a second thought. She'd become so absorbed in evil that she had forgotten simple good. To be honest it was more than her heart simply wavering, now. She was overwhelmed. For every glint of hope that caught her eye on the way to the jagged maze, she paused and questioned everything. There was an answer she did not want to acknowledge, immersed in this scene of light and chaos. She didn't want to think about it. She wouldn’t allow herself to think about it.

And, before she really could, she stood before the entrance to the impossible labyrinth.

On impulse, she reached out to the better glass and memories of flowering fields came to follow around her in a ring. She didn't know why, nor if they would help.



少女は何も覚えていなかった。ガラスの世界で目覚めて以来、知っているのは他の記憶だけだった。 そのせいで彼女はほとんど迷いなく物事を断定した。 ガラスの中は無であるということ、この世界に価値など無いということ。 汚さと恐怖。涙と痛み。少しの笑みと、死。

しかし、かつて今よりも良い時があった筈なのだ。 単純な法則というのは、大抵真実である。影は、光によって生じるのだ。 彼女の背後には影が潜み、彼女の周囲は光で溢れていた。

喜びと純潔の波に足を踏み入れたとき、彼女に迷いは無かった。 悪にすっかり取り込まれ、純粋な善というものを忘れてしまっていた。 実のところ、彼女の心はもう揺り動かされるといった状態ではなかった。 圧倒されてしまっていた。曲がりくねる迷路へと向かう途中で煌めく希望を目にする度、彼女は立ち止まり全てに疑問を呈した。 そこには彼女の認めたくない答えがあった。この光と混沌の世界の奥底に。 考えたくなかった。考えることを許さなかった。

そして、本当に頭から取り払うことのできる前に、彼女はあの目を疑うような迷宮の前に辿り着いた。 衝動的にガラスを見つけて手を伸ばすと、花咲く地の記憶が彼女の周囲に環を描いた。 その理由も、それが何かの役に立つのかも、彼女には分からなかった。


She didn't know it, but she had a name. If she knew it, perhaps she wouldn't have entered the twisted black maze. It may have been a meaningful name that may have made her doubts much stronger. But she didn't know, she ground her teeth, and she reaffirmed her beliefs. The light from before would not shake her, the light of the flower ring would not shake her. She entered the dark structure and started tearing it apart.

Each wall pulled away was made of misery, each facet held horrors, and the corners were comprised of fear. This was a castle of iniquity. Simply put, it was grotesque. It was powerfully grotesque.

And that girl, her grin returned. This was it. Climbing through it, running through it, this was the kind of disgusting monolith that had compelled her into action in the first place. She hadn't been wrong. The glass should only be shattered. The mirrors should only be destroyed.

And as she gleefully pulled away great swathes of the maze, hallways tumbling into the air, her smile became warped. She winced; something was wrong with her head. At the heart of the maze, there was *something* worse than any memory before. She could feel it, close now, calling to her. Her enthusiasm had drained, and her progress had slowed, and she saw a wicked shard of glass turning in space, containing the memory of the end of a world.

With a hand on her face, she looked into the mirrored world. She remembered the sea of pleasant realities below her and the flowers now circling around her. She'd taken down part of the maze's roof and the walls had subsequently fallen away. Dark glass rained slowly around her, and in the distance the better memories shone brightly.

She looked into the end of the world between her fingers. She swallowed, and with newfound strength, removed the hand from her face. She reached out, and dragged the end of the world into her collection of memories. With this monolith toppled, she felt an honest and genuine surge of bliss. However terrible the memories she faced from now on would be, it couldn’t possibly matter. She was certain now that she was strong, and she would definitely destroy them all. And so, with a genuine smile and a tired laugh, she came down from the sky, and the tower along with her.


彼女は知らなかったが、彼女には名前があった。もし知っていたら、 彼女はこのねじれた黒い迷路に足を踏み入れなかったかも知れない。 もしかするとその名前の持つ意味は大きく、 彼女の疑念もより強いものになっていたかも知れない。 しかし彼女は知らなかった。歯ぎしりをして、自らの信念を確かめた。 彼女は目の前の光にも、花の環の光にも揺らぐことはない。 暗い構造物へと足を踏み入れると、乱暴に破壊を始めた。

引き離された壁は苦悩から成り、全ての面は恐怖を含み、全ての角は不安でできていた。 ここは、罪悪の城だった。率直に言って、不気味だった。 強い気味の悪さを含んでいた。

そして彼女はというと、笑みを取り戻していた。 間違ってなかった。登って、走って、その気味の悪いモノリスのようなものが、 かつての彼女を取り戻させたのだった。彼女は間違っていなかった。 ガラスは砕かれるためにあるのだ。鏡は壊されるためにあるのだ。

彼女が喜びとともに派手に迷路を破壊すると、 廊下は宙へと崩れ落ち、彼女の笑みは歪んだ。彼女は顔をしかめた。 頭の中で、何かが起こっていた。迷路の中心には、今までのどんな記憶よりも酷い 「何か」があった。彼女は感じた。 もっと近くで、彼女を呼ぶものを。 彼女は熱意を失い、動きも鈍くなった。 そして彼女は、宙を舞う邪悪なガラスの破片を見た。この世界の終わりの記憶を。

顔に手を当てて、彼女は鏡の世界を覗き込んだ。 彼女は下にある幸せな現実の海と、彼女の周りを回っている花を思い出した。 彼女が迷路の屋根の一部を壊すと、それに続いて壁が崩れていった。 暗いガラスがゆっくりと彼女の周りに降り、 遠くに良い思い出が眩しく輝いているのが見えた。

彼女はその世界の終わりを、指の隙間から見た。 彼女は唾を飲むと、新しい力をもって、その手を顔から離した。 手を伸ばし、その世界の終わりを彼女の集めてきた記憶へと引き寄せた。 そしてモノリスが倒れた時、彼女は正直な、本物の幸せの高まりを感じた。 これから立ち向かう記憶がどんなに酷いものであっても、どうでもよかった。 彼女には強いという自信があった。そして、確実に全てを破壊するだろう。 そして、純粋な笑みと疲れた笑い声とともに、彼女は空から降りてきた。 塔も彼女に続き倒れようとしていた。

Trivia Edit

  • Axium Crisis was composed specifically for Arcaea.