• MrGZJcool

    Hey guys! So, I have been super inactive lately on the wiki and I would like to apologize. I still play the game so don't worry about that, I just don't have the time to take care of this wiki anymore so I have passed on my rights to people.

    3 people: Darkslime, CuboonoP and 712a will become your 3 new admins, with Darkslime becoming the new bureaucrat of the wiki!

    I have stepped down as bureaucrat but I will maintain as admin in case things go wrong or people go inactive.

    Thanks for all the hard work guys and continue your progress!!!

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  • 712a

    Things to Add

    October 24, 2017 by 712a
    • The remaining packs pages to be formatted the way the pack Arcaea looks.
    • The remaining song pages to be formatted the way the first songs looks.
    • A game mechanics page about the scoring system & the different types of notes.
    • A page about the partners (they are similar to characters in Dynamix, but doesn't affect your game)
    • Device this page into two page: "Update History" and "Game Mechanics".
    • Information about artists (their contribution to games and other works)
    • Various pages for important parts of the game with pictures & descriptions.
    • All of the ways to see songs (by note count, by difficulties, etc.).
    • Pages for the links that don't have any page yet (red links).
    • A page about the money units in the games (Fragments and Memories)
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  • 712a

    Editing Guide

    October 24, 2017 by 712a

    • All text must be centered left and with correct information as it's in the game (of course).
    • All of the different sections must be separated by a heading (Heading 2 in the Format box).
    • Song titles must be hyperlinked to their respective page.
    • Put periods at the end of bullets.
    • When a song has an extension on the title:
      • If it's in the page title, song list or infobox, put the extension on.
      • If it's in any other case, don't put the extension on (this doesn't includes songs that extension is a part of official title Ex: qualia -ideasthesia-)
    • Please provide a summary of your edits when you're done!
    • Correct grammar and spelling are vital!

    • Doesn't include a header.
    • Displayed as a 2x2 board, left side represent previous song, right represent next.
    • In appearanc…

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  • Ma Ngoc Thang

    • If a chart does not required Fragments, the number of Fragments is written as "0"
    • If a chart also required clearing a song, it is written as: F (S [D]/G) (where F is number of Fragments, S is the songs required to clear, D is the difficulty required, and G is grade required (only when grade is required)


    Future: 180 (Lost Civilization [FTR]/A)

    • Should be in Code / preformatted.
    • If it isn't in English, write both the original and English translation.
    • If it is in English, only write the original.

    • Should be centered left.
    • Features it's soundtrack as same as Arcaea version.
    • Do not includes any gameplay.
    • Should be a YouTube video.

    • If the title isn't in English, the trivia must consists of the meaning of the title.
    • If that song can also be found in a…

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