• 712a

    Information credit to Japanese Arcaea Wiki, translated by Google Translate, edited and posted by User:712a.

    It is possible to do this, but not under the current situation. Depending on the songs that will be added, it will be feasible.
    Basically in Arcaea you can not exceed 10,000,000 unless it is PURE MEMORY (hit all Notes with PURE judgment).
    However, using the features of Arcaea's score calculation system, you can get more than 10,000,000 points without getting PURE MEMORY.
    The calculation method of Arcaea's score is as follows:

    Let P be the score to enter with the PURE judgment (EARLY or LATE) and the total number of notes of the track to be N,
    P = 10,000,000 / N

    The score F enters in the FAR judgment, the score L enters in the LOST judgment,…

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  • 712a

    So, I have been really active almost everyday and I have a special annoucement to all of you.

    I'm thinking of a new type of song images, idea based on Darkslime's partners logo!!!


    The background is the song's own background.

    The rectangle in the middle is the song's artwork.

    The left bottom corner have the song name and the artist.

    The right bottom corner have the length and the BPM, in the forms: Length X:XX, BPM XXX

    The bottom diamonds are 3 difficulties' level: left PST, mid PRS, right FTR.

    I hope you will enjoy my idea and possibly we'll add them into all songs background!!!

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  • MrGZJcool

    Hey guys! So, I have been super inactive lately on the wiki and I would like to apologize. I still play the game so don't worry about that, I just don't have the time to take care of this wiki anymore so I have passed on my rights to people.

    3 people: Darkslime, CuboonoP and 712a will become your 3 new admins, with Darkslime becoming the new bureaucrat of the wiki!

    I have stepped down as bureaucrat but I will maintain as admin in case things go wrong or people go inactive.

    Thanks for all the hard work guys and continue your progress!!!

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  • 712a

    Editing Guide

    October 24, 2017 by 712a

    • All text must be centered left and with correct information as it's in the game (of course).
    • All of the different sections must be separated by a heading (Heading 2 in the Format box).
    • Song titles must be hyperlinked to their respective page.
    • Put periods at the end of bullets.
    • When a song has an extension on the title:
      • If it's in the page title, song list or infobox, put the extension on.
      • If it's in any other case, don't put the extension on (this doesn't includes songs that extension is a part of official title Ex: qualia -ideasthesia-)
    • Please provide a summary of your edits when you're done!
    • Correct grammar and spelling are vital!

    • Doesn't include a header.
    • Displayed as a 2x2 board, left side represent previous song, right represent next.
    • In appearanc…

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  • Ma Ngoc Thang

    • If a chart does not required Fragments, the number of Fragments is written as "0"
    • If a chart also required clearing a song, it is written as: F (S [D]/G) (where F is number of Fragments, S is the songs required to clear, D is the difficulty required, and G is grade required (only when grade is required)


    Future: 180 (Lost Civilization [FTR]/A)

    • Should be in Code / preformatted.
    • If it isn't in English, write both the original and English translation.
    • If it is in English, only write the original.

    • Should be centered left.
    • Features it's soundtrack as same as Arcaea version.
    • Do not includes any gameplay.
    • Should be a YouTube video.

    • If the title isn't in English, the trivia must consists of the meaning of the title.
    • If that song can also be found in a…

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