Crimson Solace


"Join Kou as she explores a lost, yet familiar, joyful world. See the brighter side of the world of Arcaea with brand new, original songs in the midst of a haven dyed in Crimson."

Ambivalent Vision is a song pack containing 5 songs released in version 1.0.11. It requires 500 Memories to unlock, and comes with Kou.

On Present difficulty, the final song, Nirv lucE, requires you to beat Flyburg and Endroll and Party Vinyl before you can unlock it.

On Future difficulty, Flyburg and Endroll and Party Vinyl first require you to beat the first two songs to unlock. Nirv lucE then requires those two to be cleared with an A rank or greater to unlock.


Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Paradise Sound Souler 1 4 7 2:30 126
Flashback ARForest 1 4 7 2:07 195
Flyburg and Endroll アリスシャッハと魔法の楽団 3 6 9 2:28 180
Party Vinyl モリモリあつし 4 7 9 1:51 132
Nirv lucE しーけー 2 7 9+ 2:09 260