Packs Edit

As the game release, it exists 2 packs.

Arcaea is basically free for all players.

Eternal Core requires player to pay 500 memories

Crimson Solace added in v.1.0.11, this pack is same as Eternal Core, requires player to pay for play.

Memory Archive added in v1.1.0, each songs in this pack requires 100 memories to unlock.

Add Friends Edit

Feature added from v1.0.9

You are able to add friends using new 9-digit ID.

Note Connection Edit

Feature added from v1.0.10

Potential Edit

Feature added in v1.1

This feature can also be treated as rating system, reflects your skill level.

Appears on the top of screen.

According to your game performance, the potential points will be adjusted by adding, subtracting or keep.

All players will have 0.00 potential points from the beginning.

Need to be verified:

  1. Each song has a fixed number to adjust the potential points
  2. There exists a formula for potential points

Sorting Edit

Feature added in v1.1

It allows user to sort songs according to Name, Date, Difficulty, Grade and "All Songs"

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