This page is for Arcaea's general information recommended for beginners to read. While more informations are on various pages, I appreciate you to read this first.

Getting Started Edit

If you want to enjoy Arcaea, you may need to make an account. First, go to Network on the main menu, then if you don't have an acount, make one by tapping Register. You will be asked to enter your username, email and password. If you have one, tap Login, then enter your email/ID/password.

Modes Edit

Self-explanatory. Two modes are available, with the second one being account-only.

Music Play Edit

The basic game mode, selecting it for the first time shows the Tutorial. Play unlocked songs for free without any limit or restriction, Fragments are also given after finishing a song. Playing this mode affects your Potential, a numeric indication of how good do you play Arcaea.

World Mode Edit

The main unlocking system, where you select a map and play a song. Unlike Music Play, two Stamina is required for a song play. However, like the previous mode, Potential is also affected by playing any maps. Instead of Fragments, Steps are given after a song is played, and those are used to reach tiles on the map you select to play and unlock more song along with Partners and Fragments.

Songs Edit

There are currenty 95 songs in Arcaea. Songs are divided into song packs. If you know what song pack is a song part of, you can select the pack that includes the song and play it (if the pack is unlocked and you have the song). Save for Arcaea, all song packs requires Memories to unlock. Two packs, Memory Archive and Stellights Collaboration, have single songs that require 100 Memories to play. Other ones are 500 Memories for the entire set, all give access to at least one Partner.

There are three difficulty levels in Arcaea: Past, Present and Future (similar to Easy, Normal and Hard in other games including non-rhythm ones). Past is selected by default.

There are songs that require Fragments to unlock. Some of them also require clearing other songs in the same difficulty, and even with an A rank. Also, some are unlocked through World Mode maps. There are also two secret songs with secret conditions to unlock, can you get it?

Partners Edit

There are currenty 17 Partners in Arcaea, with two being unlocked by default. Each has abilities (stats and skills) that affect different facets of the game. To select one, press the icon near the top of the screen.

Stats of a Partner include FRAG and STEP. Overall, higher stats give you more Fragments/Steps after a play. For more details, see here.

Skills affect various gameplay elements, such as changing the Recollection Rate, flipping the chart horizontally, or giving Fragments. Basing on the skill, there are three types of Partners: Support, Balance and Challenge.