Grades Edit

Grade Score Range
D 0 - 8,599,999
C 8,600,000 - 8,899,999
B 8,900,000 - 9,199,999
A 9,200,000 - 9,499,999
AA 9,500,000 - 9,799,999
EX 9,800,000 or above

Symbols Edit

Symbol Meaning

Achieve When

L Track Lost "Recollection Rate" doesn't reach 70 when the song ends
C Track Complete "Recollection Rate" reaches 70 or above when the song ends
F Full Recall No "LOST" notes
P Pure Memory All notes are "PURE" notes

Scores Edit

  • The Base score of all songs is 10,000,000, but you can get more than 10,000,000 points in Arcaea.
  • If you hit "PURE" note without an early/late (max), then you'll get an additional 1 point / note.

Example: Lucifer [FTR] has 861 notes, hence the maximum score will be 10,000,861.

Every "FAR" note's score is a half of every early/late "PURE" note's.

Indexs Edit

Some indexs are originally from the game, and some are invented by the users of this wiki.

Recall Edit

  • Recall is similar to "combo" in other rhythm game. It's shown in the middle of the track while playing.

Notes Density Edit

  • Notes Density is an index that shows how many notes appear in every 1 minute (for average).

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