Grades Edit

Grade Score Range (Track Complete)
F 0
D 1 - 8,599,999
C 8,600,000 - 8,899,999
B 8,900,000 - 9,199,999
A 9,200,000 - 9,499,999
AA 9,500,000 - 9,799,999
EX 9,800,000 and above

Symbols Edit

Symbol Meaning
L Track Lost Gauge did not reach 70 when the song ends
C Track Complete Gauge reaches 70 or above when the song ends
F Full Recall No "LOST" notes
P Pure Memory All notes are "PURE" notes

Scores Edit

You can get more than 10,000,000 points in Arcaea.

The Base score of all songs is 10,000,000.

If you hit "PURE" note without an early/late, then you'll get an additional 1 point / note.

For Example:

Lucifer [FTR] has 861 notes, hence the maximum score will be 10,000,861.

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