Mode Past Present Future
Level 3 5 8
Notes 424 506 861
BPM 165 Length 2:12
Note Design Nitro Illustrator
Song Pack Arcaea Side Conflict
Version Added 1.0.8 (2017-03-09)
Requirements Past World Mode Chapter 1
Present 40 Fragments
Future 200 Fragments



  • If you don't notice the first arc note has a steep dip at the end, you'll end up taking your finger off too early. (There's no actual note during the dip, so even if you don't move your finger down, you won't lose your combo.)
  • The key is whether you can handle the stream of 16th notes. The end of the song isn't arc notes, but instead sky notes that come in at a low level, so you can't use the tactic of saving up gauge on the last arc notes. Try and keep yourself just above the borderline if you can.