Updates Edit

Date Version Updated Information
Mar 8, 2017 v1.0.5
  • Released to public
Mar 19, 2017 v1.0.9
April 11, 2017 v1.0.10
May 11, 2017 v1.0.11
June 2, 2017 v1.1.0
June 3, 2017 v1.1.1
  • Critical bug fixed
June 23, 2017 v1.1.2
  • Users are able to switch data within devices. (Sync function)
  • Songs added
July 17, 2017 v1.1.3
  • 2 new songs added
August 8, 2017 v1.1.4

Game Mechanics Edit

Arcaea uses an unique gameplay unlike most rhythm games. This part is about Arcaea's gameplay mechanics.

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