Partners are a gameplay element added in 1.0.5. Each Partner has her own skills and stats that affect various game mechanics. There are currently 15 Partners. Partners can be selected by pressing the icon on the top of the screen. The icon also displays your current selected Partner.

Partners ListEdit

In the list, the number outside parentheses and the one inside parentheses are the Partners' stats at level 1 and level 20 respectively. Skills in italics require level 8 to unlock.

Hikari 55 (78) 35 (61) EASY - Recollection Rate loss reduced for 'LOST' notes From start
Tairitsu 55 (80) 55 (80) None From start
Kou 60 (90) 47 (70) None Crimson Solace
Sapphire 50 (75) 50 (75) None Dynamix Collaboration
Lethe 47 (70) 60 (90) MIRROR - All Notes and Arcs reversed Ambivalent Vision
Tairitsu (Axium Crisis) 47 (70) 60 (90) None Vicious Labyrinth, World Mode
Tairitsu (Grievous Lady) 57 (79) 70 (102) HARD - Track Lost when Recollection Rate reaches 0% Vicious Labyrinth, World Mode
Stella 41 (65) 58 (84) Earn +10 Fragments when playing a Stellights song No longer obtainable
Hikari & Fisica 22 (40) 45 (78) EASY + Earn +15 Fragments when playing a Past / Present song Lanota Collaboration, World Mode
Ilith 50 (50) 70 (105) HARD + Lose 100 Fragments on Track Lost No longer obtainable
Eto 54 (80) 45 (67) Earn +5 fragments when playing a Light Side song Binary Enfold, World Mode
Luna 60 (90) 42 (63) VISUAL - Recollection Rate is hidden Binary Enfold, World Mode
Shirabe 56 (82) 46 (68) Earn +5 Fragments when playing a Conflict Side song No longer obtainable
Hikari (Zero) 78 (0) 61 (0) Set Recollection Gauge to 0 on note 'LOST' Luminous Sky
Hikari (Fracture) 42 (61) 67 (99)

OVERFLOW - EASY Recollection Rate => HARD upon reaching 100%

Luminous Sky

Partner Stats & SkillsEdit

Each Partner has four stats:

  • FRAG - Influences the amount of Fragments you earn for playing songs in Music Play mode. Every 5 FRAG above or below 50 equates to 10% Fragments above or below what you would normally get. (For example, if your Partner's FRAG is 60, you'll receive a 20% increase, or a 1.2x multiplier.)
  • STEP - Influences the number of Steps earned after playing songs in World Mode. Every 1 STEP above or below 50 equates to 2% steps above or below what you would normally get.
  • TYPE - A quick indicator of the Partner's characteristics. This based on the partner's skill. There are three type of partners: 
    • Support - Partners with a green skill, such as the EASY one.
    • Balance - Partners without a green skill or a red one.
    • Challenge - Partners with a red skill, such as the HARD one and Hikari (Zero)'s. (Shirabe's does not count)
  • SKILL - An attribute that changes a gameplay aspect and difficulty.
    • EASY - These partners let you play the EASY Recollection Rate, which deplete it less for 'LOST' notes. Some partners may have an additional benefit, such as Hikari & Fisica, which gives you +15 Fragments when playing a song on Past or Present. (This is denoted by a + after "EASY".)
      • This is a green skill, marking the type of those as "Support".
      • Clearing a song for the first time with this skill marks the song with a green C instead of the normal purple C, which doesn't technically count as a clear for the purposes of the in-game cleared song count and the requirement of unlocking some songs. (Purple C or higher will overwrite this.)
    • HARD - These partners let you play HARD Recollection Rate, which stop your play and give a Track Lost if the gauge reaches 0%. Some partners may have an additional risk, such as Ilith, with whom you'll lose 100 Fragments if you lose a song. (This is denoted by a + after "HARD".)
      • This is a red skill, marking the type of those as "Challenge"
      • Clearing a song with this skill marks the song with a red C instead of the normal purple C. (Full Recall and Pure Memory will overwrite this.)
    • MIRROR - Lethe's unique skill, which reverses all notes and arcs.
    • VISUAL - Luna's unique skill, which hides the Recollection Rate during gameplay. It does not affect results and rewards. Due to the skill naming as VISUAL, there might be more skills that make various visual effects during gameplay.
    • OVERFLOW - Hikari (Fracture)'s unique skill, which starts at 0% Easy Recollection Rate and switches to the Hard one when the previous gauge reaches 100%.
    • Hikari (Zero)'s unique skill, commonly refered by players as "ZERO", in which one LOST note will reset the Recollection Rate to 0%. Like HARD skill, this is a red one.
    • Some skills affect the Fragments you earn under certain conditions.


  • Some Partners may not unlock their skills until level 8.
  • You can deactivate your Partner's skill by pressing once on the skill in the Partner page. This will "seal" the skill. You can press it again to "unseal" it. Skills and Stats are automatically sealed/deactivated when offline/not logged in.

Partner LevelingEdit

Partners can be leveled up. When you obtain them, they start at level 1. Their max level is 20. Partners only gain EXP (Experience Points) while playing in World Mode. When a partner levels up, their FRAG and STEP count can improve. In general, stat gains slow down as levels are gained.


  • Partners were part of the game at launch, but it wasn't until version 1.5.0, when World Mode was introduced, that they gained skills and stats and could be leveld up.
  • All partners appear in at least one song's artwork from their respective song pack except for Sapphire.
    • Hikari, Tairitsu, Kou, and Lethe, Eto, and Luna all appear in at least two songs' artwork.
    • It is possible to have two partners appear in one song's artwork.
Starting Partners HikariTairitsu
Story Partners Tairitsu (Axium Crisis)Tairitsu (Grievous Lady)Hikari (Zero)Hikari (Fracture)
Side Story Partners KouLetheEtoLuna
Collaboration Partners SapphireStellaHikari & Fisica
Limited-Time Partners IlithShirabe