This page is about the rules of this wikia.

Rules Edit

1. Keep this page PG.

2. Do not edit the page with:

2.1. Wrong videos or images.

2.2. Wrong/useless informations/trivia/category.

3. Do not create pages/blogs with Arcaea content that are not needed in the wikia.

4. No NSFW post except in chat or comment.

5. No using other language except English.

5.1. Quotes in other language for some cases are allowed, e.g. song lyrics.

6. Do not add any link that lead to:

6.1. Useless advertisements.

6.2. Pornography/screamer sites.

7. Do not edit other users' profile or impersonate users under "A Wikia Contributor" or anything similar to that without permissions.

8. No spamming.

9. Do not spoil.

10. No edit is allowed for this page and the page under Category:Meta except admins.

Punishment Edit

For rules 1, 2 and 5 (in cases of not more than two words): Warning, four consecutive rule breakings in a short time may refers to a 3-day to 1-week ban.

For rules 3, 5 (in cases of not so unnecessary pages/blogs) and 6.1: Warning, three consecutive rule breakings may refer to a 1-month to 2-month ban.

For other rules: Harsh warning and a 2-month ban. The more rule breakings, the longer the ban will be.

Too many rule breakings will refer to at least 1-year ban (can be longer) and eventually a 10-year ban.