Difficulty Past Present Future
Level 4 7 9+
Notes 534 678 1105
BPM 175 Length 2:06
Note Design 東星 [PST][PRS]
Illustrator シエラ (cierra)
Song Pack Binary Enfold Side Conflict
Version Added 1.6.0 (2017-03-23)
Requirements Past -
Present 80 Fragments
Future 180 Fragments, Clear Memory Forest with Grade A or higher

Official Sound Edit

Videos Edit

Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10,001,105 (Max) Finger taps
YouTube Ritxman 10,001,077 Fingernail taps (background noise)
YouTube BengaleeHS 10,001,037 None (Thumb play)
YouTube レイ - Hand clap video

Trivia Edit

  • The artwork of Memory Forest and Singularity form a complete picture when combined.
    Memory Forest and Singularity

    Combined artwork of Memory Forest and Singularity