This page lists all songs in order of their chart constant. For more information on what a chart constant is, please see Potential. Essentially, it's an internal value that factors into how much a song affects your Potential and how many Steps you gain from it in World Mode. They are presumably based on the development team's perception of song difficulty, but as these values are hidden, they may not be.

The "method used" column is used on the Japanese wiki to indicate which of two derivation methods was used to calculate the constant. More information can be found at the JP wiki. A translation of these methods follows after the song lists.


Song Artist Difficulty Chart Constant Method Used
Level 1
Blossoms T2Kazuya Past 1.0
Paradise Sound Souler Past 1.0 ①,②
Dream goes on Tiny Minim Past 1.5
Level 6
Grievous Lady Team Grimoire vs Laur Past 6.5


Song Artist Difficulty Chart Constant Method Used
Level 7
Blaster Massive New Krew Present 7.0
αterlβus Aoi Present 7.3
Lost Civilization Laur vs CK Present 7.4
γuarδina Aoi Present 7.4
Chronostasis 黒皇帝 (Kurokotei) Present 7.5
carmine:scythe かゆき Present 7.6
conflict siromaru + cranky Present 7.6
CROSS†SOUL HyuN feat. Syepias Present 7.6
Red and Blue Silentroom Present 7.7
Level 8
PRAGMATISM Laur Present 8.2
Axium Crisis ak+q Present 8.3
Level 9
Grievous Lady Team Grimoire vs Laur Present 9.2
Fracture Ray Sakuzyo Present 9.2
dropdead Frums Present 9.5


Song Artist Difficulty Chart Constant Method Used
Level 6
Sayonara Hatsukoi REDSHiFT Future 6.5 ①,②
Level 7
Fairytale chitose Future 7.2
Vexaria ak+q Future 7.4
Romance Wars U-ske (feat. lueur) Future 7.4
Clotho and the stargazer しーけー (CK) Future 7.5 ①,②
Dream goes on Tiny Minim Future 7.5
Infinity Heaven HyuN Future 7.6
Blossoms T2Kazuya Future 7.6
Rise Combatplayer Future 7.7
Moonlight of Sand Castle 旅人E (Tabibito E) Future 7.7
Suomi Aire Future 7.7
inkar-usi DIA Future 7.8
Paradise Sound Souler Future 7.8
Brand new world U-ske Future 7.9
Dement ~after legend~ Lunatic Sounds Future 7.9
Level 8
One Last Drive REDSHiFT Future 8.0 ①,②
Relentless Akira Complex Future 8.1
I've heard it said Combatplayer Future 8.2
Lucifer chitose Future 8.3
Genesis Iris Future 8.4
Shades of Light in a Transcendent Realm ak+q Future 8.4
Silent Rush Soleily Future 8.4
Flashback ARForest Future 8.5
Lumia sky_delta Future 8.5
Moonheart 翡乃イスカ (Isuka Hino) Future 8.5
Rabbit In The Black Room Rabbit House Future 8.5
Dandelion Farhan Future 8.6
Journey ARForest Future 8.6
Reinvent Sound Souler Future 8.6 ①,②
Snow White Puru Future 8.6
Harutopia ~Utopia of Spring~ A-zu-ra Future 8.6
Babaroque cYsmix Future 8.7
cry of viyella Laur Future 8.7
next to you uma feat. 橘花音 (Kanon Tachibana) Future 8.7
REconstruction Ryazan Future 8.7
Call My Name feat. Yukacco Mameyudoufu Future 8.8
memoryfactory.lzh Frums Future 8.8
Surrender void Future 8.8
Evoltex (poppi'n mix) Arch vs n3pu Future 8.9
Maze No.9 アリスシャッハと魔法の楽団 Future 8.9
dropdead Frums Future 9.1
Level 9
Empire of Winter Street Future 9.0
Essence of Twilight ak+q Future 9.0
Kanagawa Cyber Culvert 南ゆに (Yuni Minami) Future 9.0
Rugie Feryquitous feat.Sennzai Future 9.0
Chronostasis 黒皇帝 (Kurokotei) Future 9.1 ①,②
Strongholds Yooh Future 9.1
Anökumene Jun Kuroda Future 9.2 ①,②
Flyburg and Endroll アリスシャッハと魔法の楽団 Future 9.2
Phantasia Yunosuke Future 9.2
qualia -ideaesthesia- nitro Future 9.2
GOODTEK (Arcaea Edit) EBIMAYO Future 9.3
Oracle TQ☆ Future 9.3
Auxesia ginkiha Future 9.4
Astral Tale Noah Future 9.4
Iconoclast Yamajet Future 9.4
LunarOrbit -believe in the Espebranch road- Apo11o program feat. 大瀬良あい Future 9.4
Your voice so... feat. Such PSYQUI Future 9.4
Be There PSYQUI Future 9.5
Blaster Massive New Krew Future 9.5
DataErr0r Lunatic Sounds Future 9.5 ①,②
Lost Civilization Laur vs CK Future 9.5
Lethaeus Silentroom Future 9.5
Specta Junk Future 9.5
Syro Mitomoro Future 9.5
Impure Bird MIssionary Future 9.5 ①,②
carmine:scythe かゆき (kayuki) Future 9.6 ①,②
CROSS†SOUL HyuN feat. Syepias Future 9.6
Yosakura Fubuki A.SAKA Future 9.6
Linear Accelerator THE SHAFT Future 9.6
OMAKENO Stroke t+pazolite Future 9.6
DX Choseinou Full Metal Shojo IOSYS TRAX (uno with. ちよこ) Future 9.7
Ignotus ak+q Future 9.7
Quon Feryquitous Future 9.7
Red and Blue Silentroom Future 9.7
The Message Jun Kuroda Future 9.7
Cybernecia Catharsis Tanchiky Future 9.8
Dreamin' Attraction!! 翡乃イスカ (Isuka Hino) Future 9.8
Fallensquare Silentroom Future 9.8
Illegal Paradise gmtn. (witch's slave) Future 9.8
Memory Forest ETIA. Future 9.8
Nhelv Silentroom Future 9.8
Party Vinyl モリモリあつし (Morimori Atsushi) Future 9.8
Sulfur ぺのれり Future 9.8
Alexandrite WAiKURO Future 9.9
Modelista HiTECH NINJA Future 10.0
trappola bewitching gmtn. Future 10.0 ①,②
Level 9+
PRAGMATISM Laur Future 10.1
conflict siromaru + cranky Future 10.2
Ether Strike Akira Complex Future 10.2
Nirv lucE しーけー (CK) Future 10.3
Metallic Punisher INNOCENT NOIZE Future 10.3
Scarlet Lance MASAKI (ZUNTATA) Future 10.3
Singularity ETIA. Future 10.4
αterlβus Aoi Future 10.5 ①,②
γuarδina Aoi Future 10.5 ①,②
cyanine jioyi Future 10.5
Tiferet xi + Sta Future 10.5
Axium Crisis ak+q Future 10.6
ouroboros -twin stroke of the end- Cranky vs MASAKI Future 10.6
Sheriruth Team Grimoire Future 10.6 ①,②
Halcyon xi Future 10.7
Level 10
Fracture Ray Sakuzyo Future 11.1
Grievous Lady Team Grimoire vs Laur Future 11.2 ①, ②

Deriving a Chart ConstantEdit

There are two methods currently in-use for deriving chart constants.

Fresh History (choka method)Edit

This method searches for a chart constant by using the fact that at 9,500,000 score, your chart potential is equal to your chart constant.

First, make a new account. Play the same chart 3 times in a row and try to get as close to 9,500,000 as you can on each of them. The potential calculation looks like this:

 P = (Total of recent entries chart potential + Total of best entries chart potential) / 40

By this method, if the chart potential is the same as the chart constant, you'll have 3 songs in recent entries and 1 in best entries, which gives you:

 P = (Chart constant x3 + Chart constant x1) / 40 = Chart constant / 10

In other words, playing the chart three times (and getting close to 9.5 million) will give you a Potential that is 10 times the chart constant for that chart.

In order to get accurate values, you need to do this on a new account, where both the recent entries and best entries are empty. However, if you use an older account and manipulate it so that your recent entries are empty (by playing thirty short songs in a row and not doing anything), you can still derive an approximate chart constant, though it's a little wacky. In that case, you'll need to do at least 4 plays, and make sure select a song that's easy enough so the chart potential will not be reflected in best entries.

dropdead's Past chart has a very low note count of 44, so it's impossible to get a chart potential that is equal to the chart constant (getting close to 9.5 million without rounding the chart potential down or up).


[Chart] Dandelion [FTR]
Recent Entries (can have multiples of same chart)
  Trial 1: 9,501,391
  Trial 2: 9,501,390
  Trial 3: 9,501,385
Best Entries (cannot have multiples of same chart)
  Trial 1: 9,501,391
  Trial 1: 0.43 (+0.43)
  Trial 2: 0.64 (+0.21)
  Trial 3: 0.86 (+0.22)

With the play results above, the chart constant would be 10 times your potential, or 8.6.

World Mode Steps (robert method)Edit

This method searches for chart constant using the relationship between World Mode score and STEP count.

With your rank at AA or less and your STEP count at more than 2.5, if you use the score and step count, you can find the chart constant with the following formula:

CC = (9,500,000 - (Score - ((Step-2.5) / 0.004473062)^2)) / 300,000

However, STEP counts are imprecise, so you can't get a precise chart constant like this. Instead, we'll use a Level 20 Tairitsu (Grievous Lady) to find the error margin for the STEP count, then calculate a chart's constant from the maximum and minimum STEP counts:

Minimum Value = max(PartnerIncludedStep / 2.04, Step)
Maximum Value = min((PartnerIncludedStep+0.1) / 2.04, Step + 0.1)

This uses level 20 Tairitsu (GL) to narrow down the error margin as much as possible with her high STEP stat, and because there's no proof that a partner's stats are even integer values.

Please note that EX rating and higher uses a different formula that is still unknown. If you're going to use this method, get a AA or lower.

In version 1.7, with the appearence of the "Play+" feature, multiplying the gained Steps will always work regardless of your selected partner, but make sure the Step count output is at least twice the input Steps by result.

User:Darkslime has translated robert's original spreadsheet here. Make a copy of it to your own Google Drive to use. Basically, while using level 20 Tairitsu GL or Ilith, input your score, base steps, and adjusted steps, and it will attempt to derive the chart constant. Again, get an AA or lower, no EX.

  • Example
[Chart] carmine:scythe [FTR]
 Score: 9,562,787 (AA)
 STEP: 10.1
 STEP with Partner Effect: 20.7
 Minimum: max(20.7/2.04, 10.1) = 10.147
 Maximum: min((20.7+0.1)/2.04, 10.1+0.1) = 10.196
 Chart constant derived from minimum: 9.524490036
 Chart constant derived from maximum: 9.649682062
 One decimal point rounded: 9.6

Therefore, carmine:scythe [FTR] has a chart constant of 9.6.