This is a list of tasks to be done around the wiki. Feel free to edit this page with anything you think should be added.

To-Do ListEdit

  • The Partner Stats by Level page could always use new information.
    • Possibly put these back on the Partners page after they're more complete, in the form of expandable lists under each partner.
  • The Gameplay page could use images, but it's not super important.
  • Some artists have uploaded their own songs to Youtube, which would be good to link in the individual song articles. No fan uploads, though, only official ones.
  • Finish linking up Facebook/Twitter/SoundCloud/etc. on the Songs by Artist page
  • Port over the backgrounds page from the JP wiki, which lists all the backgrounds with images and the songs that use them. Link
  • Get in touch with an admin! User:Darkslime has been trying to no avail. We may need to adopt the wiki if an admin doesn't respond to any messages and is gone for 60 days. Among the things people have been talking about to do:
    • Redesign color scheme (at least slightly)
    • Replace header logo with something that actually looks good
    • Remove the "in: (category)" bit at the top of all the pages
    • Toggle the option for and design a mobile-specific front page, since the current front page on mobile is very ugly
    • Edit the "popular pages" and the rest of the Wikia top-bar

To Think About ListEdit

  • Whether we actually need separate pages for individual song packs now that there's a Songs by Pack page combining them
  • If the requirement section on song pages should include that you have to pay for certain songs, how much you have to pay for them and, if available, what song pack has to be purchased.
  • Since the Songs by Artist page is already complete, whether or not we need the Template:Artist template (and, by extension, the nationality flags it was going to use).

Would Be Cool To Have ListEdit

  • SoundCloud widget ([1]) since most of the music in this game you can listen to for free on the various artists' SoundClouds. Again, if we do this, only use songs uploaded by the respective artist, not any fan uploads.