This is a list of tasks to be done around the wiki. Feel free to edit this page with anything you think should be added. Only admins are allowed to edit this page. However, other editors can feel free to post a comment below.

To-Do List


  • Consider adding additional information:
    • Floor/hold/arc/sky note counts for each difficulty (plus percentages of total) (based on Song Data)
    • Notes per second (based on Song Data)
    • Background used
  • Make sure sections are in the right order


  • Many Partners still need stats per level filled in! Check their individual pages.
  • Appearance sections for most Partners need to be written.
  • Official Lore for Partners need to be written. This should contain story information for the partners. Only put verifiable information here. Fan theories go on the bottom of the page under that section. If there is no story, remove this section.


  • The Gameplay page could use images, but it's not super important.
  • The next big project to work on would be the illustrators. We can have a page for all of them, like the Artists page, and do it the same way. Relevant links would probably mostly be personal blogs, Tumblr blogs, or Pixiv pages.

To-Do List (Admins only)

  • Clean up the mobile front page. It's definitely better than before, but could use some more work to make a look better. (Maybe don't bother using Featured Categories, since we don't have many subcategories here; just use Optional Categories instead?)

To Think About List

  • If the requirement section on song pages should include that you have to pay for certain songs, how much you have to pay for them and, if available, what song pack has to be purchased.
    • The song pages already include what pack the song is part of.

Research List

  • Potential (and by extension as we know now, step count in World Mode) is being researched at the Japanese wiki.
  • Partner experience gain has almost no research done into it. Here's a possible way to do it:
    • Set up a Google sheet with a form for data submission
    • Create new accounts, and play World Mode with partners
    • Submit song played, score, steps before and after partner stat adjustment, and a screenshot of the song result screen showing the current state of the partner's experience bar (have to submit all of these for continuity purposes)
  • Rate of increase for Recollection Rate. We know it's based on the number of notes in the song, so it probably won't be hard to derive a formula for it.