• Ma Ngoc Thang

    • If a chart does not required Fragments, the number of Fragments is written as "0"
    • If a chart also required clearing a song, it is written as: F (S [D]/G) (where F is number of Fragments, S is the songs required to clear, D is the difficulty required, and G is grade required (only when grade is required)


    Future: 180 (Lost Civilization [FTR]/A)

    • Should be in Code / preformatted.
    • If it isn't in English, write both the original and English translation.
    • If it is in English, only write the original.

    • Should be centered left.
    • Features it's soundtrack as same as Arcaea version.
    • Do not includes any gameplay.
    • Should be a YouTube video.

    • If the title isn't in English, the trivia must consists of the meaning of the title.
    • If that song can also be found in a…

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