Vicious Labyrinth
Released 1.5.0
Songs 5+1
Cost 500 Memories
Type Story
Past the distorted girl's future lies...

A tide of sorrow sweeps over the world of Arcaea. Experience Tairitsu's torments as she pursues the deeper, twisted pasts that await as well as a treacherous anomaly that lies hidden... Featuring intense, challenging songs.

Vicious Labyrinth is a song pack added in version 1.5.0. It contains six songs with one anomaly song, Grievous Lady, the first song to have a level 10 Future chart. It costs 500 Memories to unlock. It also allows you to unlock two maps in Chapter 1 of World Mode in which you can obtain the Partners Tairitsu (Axium Crisis) and Tairitsu (Grievous Lady).

The fourth song, conflict, requires the first three songs completed on Future to unlock its Future difficulty. Axium Crisis dictates that you clear conflict to unlock on both Present and Future, with your Future clear needing to be an A rank. Finally, Grievous Lady has its own unlock mechanisms that can be found in its article.

Axium Crisis and Grievous Lady both feature stories.

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Iconoclast Yamajet 4 7 9 2:07 140
SOUNDWiTCH HATE 3 6 9 1:48 170
trappola bewitching gmtn. 3 6 9 2:00 190
conflict siromaru+cranky 4 7 9+ 2:14 160
Axium Crisis ak+q 5 8 9+ 2:31 170
Grievous Lady Team Grimoire vs Laur 6 9 10 2:21 210†


  • Vicious Labyrinth's internal name is "yugamu," which means "twist" or "distort" in Japanese.
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