Videos Edit

Link Player Score Sounds
Youtube suicide 10,000,924 None
Youtube Ritxman 10,000,912 Fingernail taps
YouTube NIFLE 10,000,876 Finger taps


  • Yosakura Fubuki was composed specifically for Arcaea's 2nd collaboration with Stellights.
    • A.SAKA has been an active artist in Stellights as well.
  • This song is an edited version of the first track on A.SAKA's album 神楽ノ舞 (Kagura no Mai), as can be heard on its crossfade.
  • This song's title means "night sakura blizzard," referring to cherry blossom trees lit up with lights at night and their petals falling like a blizzard.
    • It's title in Stellights and for Japanese users is: "夜桜吹雪".