Videos Edit

Link Player Score Sounds
Youtube higllus 10,001,013 (max) Finger taps
YouTube suicide 10,000,995 None
YouTube Daga 10,000,967 None
YouTube Ritxman 10,000,932 Fingernail taps

Official SoundEdit


Please, tell me 声を
You take me higher 星空の Cruising
If you left, I’d miss you
ずっと輝いて So starly...


Please tell me koe wo
You take me higher hoshizora no Cruising
yume mitai
If you left, I’d miss you
zutto kagayaite So starly...

To be filled


  • Your voice so... feat. Such was composed specifically for Arcaea, and is part of the collaboration with lapix's album FÜGENE. This song is from that album too.